New Montreal Attractions 2023

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New Montreal Attractions in 2023

What’s New in Montreal for 2023: Exciting Attractions to Explore

Get ready to be amazed: 10 exciting new attractions headed for Montreal

From Air Shows to Wildlife Parks and Trendy Eateries, Get Ready to Be Wowed in Montreal

Looking for something new to do in Montreal this year? Check out these nine options:

1. Port of Montreal Tower

MTL New Glass Tower

Photo Credit: Montreal New Glass Tower

Get ready to be blown away by the ultramodern glass and steel Port of Montreal Tower, opening in late May 2023. You’ll have breathtaking views of Old Montreal, downtown, and the St. Lawrence River. They’ve been working on this project since a long time and it’s finaly ready! So grab your glasses ang go see the wonderful view!

2. SAGES 2023 Postgraduate Course & Scientific Session

Victory Entertainment Complex Image

Photo Credit: SAGE Annual Meeting 2023

OYE! OYE! Science enthusiastic

Exciting news, hold on to your lab coats because something exciting is coming your way! Mark your calendars for March 29 to April 1, 2023 because the SAGES 2023 Postgraduate Course & Scientific Session is about to blow your mind with some seriously groundbreaking research.

You don’t have to be a science nerd to appreciate the hard work and dedication put into improving patient care. And at SAGES 2023, you’ll witness some of the brightest postgraduate candidates present their research, all aimed at making the world a better place, one discovery at a time.

But let’s not forget the most important part, science can be fun too! So get ready for a week of learning, laughing, and perhaps even a little bit of dancing (who says scientists can’t bust a move?). So come one, come all, and join other science fans at SAGES 2023 for a week of science-filled fun.

3. Montreal Sketchfest

Sketchfest Mtl

Photo Credit: Cult Montreal – Mtl Sketchfest

Oh, you want to laugh in Montreal?

Well, buckle up, my friend, because this place is a whole vibe! Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt, because the Montreal Sketchfest is back and better than ever! From May 4 to May 13, 2023, you can catch live comedy acts at various locations throughout the city, including the legendary Theatre St. Catherine and the hilarious Montreal Improv Theatre.

Get your tickets now and prepare to be entertained by the funniest comedians around. With so many talented performers taking the stage, you’ll be rolling in the aisles and wiping away tears of laughter.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! By supporting the Montreal Sketchfest, you’re also supporting local talent. These hilarious performers are the future stars of the comedy scene, and you can say you saw them when they were just starting out.

So grab your friends, family, and anyone who loves to laugh, and head on over to the Montreal Sketchfest. Trust us, your funny bone will thank you for it!

4. BBQ Beigne Flottant

Concert Crowd Image

Photo Credit: Beigne Flottant

New Creative Idea of Activity To Do as a Food Lover

Are you ready for the ultimate Montreal Waterways experience? Look no further than the new Barbecue Boat Rental Company – the must-visit spot for anyone seeking sun, fun, and delicious food. Picture this: a donut-shaped boat with a barbecue grill in the middle, amazing sunset views on the water all around, and the warm sun on your face. It’s the perfect setting to grill your own food and have a cocktail party while enjoying the beautiful views. And if you need to cool off, take a refreshing swim in the inviting waters.

Experience the Best Barbecue Party

But that’s not all – if you’re an adventure seeker, you’ll love the wide range of water sports available. From champagne on the water to grilling delicious seafood, there’s something for everyone at Beigne Flottant Inc. Trust us, no trip to Montreal is complete without a visit to this incredible spot. So grab your friends and family, and come enjoy the perfect day out on the water. We can’t wait to see you there!

5. Super Condiments

Super Condiments

Photo Credit: Super Condiments Official Website

Introducing Super Condiments: The Ultimate Foodie Destination!

Hey there, fellow foodies! Do you love good food? Do you love supporting local businesses? Well, have we got the spot for you!

Locally Sourced Groceries and Café Fare

Super Condiments is your one-stop-shop for all things delicious. They’ve got locally sourced groceries and the café fare of your dreams. Think jambon beurre, creamy lattes, and mouthwatering snacks that will leave you drooling.

Flavor Explosion!

At Super Condiments, the flavor is king. Their condiments will add some serious zing to any dish, and their seasonings are out of this world. If you’re looking to spice up your cooking game, Super Condiments is the place to be.

Community Love

But that’s not all. Super Condiments isn’t just a place to get great food. It’s a community hub where people can come together to share their love of food and support local businesses.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Super Condiments and let your taste buds do the talking. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

6. Greater Dômesicle

DJ Party New hot spot in Montreal in 2023

Photo Credit: Dômesicle DJ Party New hot spot in Montreal in 2023

Get ready to be wowed! The highly-anticipated DJ and Art Project, and it’s going to blow your socks off!

Party Like It’s 2099 with Dômesicle!

Are you ready to party like it’s the distant future? Of course, you are! And we’ve got just the event for you. Dômesicle is coming to Satosphère, Société des arts technologiques on February 4 and February 18, 2023, and it’s going to be a party that’s out of this world!

Prepare for Lift Off

From 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., you’ll be transported to another dimension with the coolest party-goers in town. Get ready to dance the night away under a dazzling dome that will have you feeling like you’re on a spaceship hurtling through the galaxy.

Unique Party Experience

Dômesicle isn’t your average party. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be surrounded by the latest technology and the most innovative art installations, all while sipping on drinks that are simply out of this world.

Get Your Tickets Now

Don’t miss out on the party of the century. Get your tickets now for Dômesicle and get ready to experience a party that’s truly ahead of its time. We can’t wait to party with you like it’s 2099!

7. National and International Tours

Art Museum Image

Photo Credit: Montreal Cultural Art Event

Hey there, shows and art enthusiasts! If you’re on the lookout for a dose of culture and creativity, then the National and International Tours are calling your name! Montreal has it all when it comes to arts and entertainment. From blockbuster museum exhibitions to all-star classical music concerts and hit Broadway musicals, there’s always something to see. Check out the Montreal Cultural Calendar for upcoming events.

8. îlesoniq 2023 Music Festival

IleSoniq Party 2023 Festival

Photo Credit: ILESONIQ Music Festival

Are you ready to dance out and let loose at the PArc Jean-Drapeau? Then you won’t want to miss the 2023 Ilesoniq Festival. This two-day musical extravaganza is a must-attend event for rap, pop, and folk music fans alike. From chart-topping headliners to up-and-coming artists, this festival is sure to have your toes tapping and your heart singing.

Party Like a Rockstar

ILESONIQ 2023 isn’t your average festival. It’s a party like no other, where anything goes! Want to crowd surf to your favorite song? Go for it! Want to wear a giant inflatable flamingo while you dance? We won’t judge! This festival is all about letting loose and having the time of your life.

Unforgettable Experience

At ILESONIQ 2023, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be surrounded by the best music, the coolest people, and the most amazing vibes. From the incredible light shows to the delicious food vendors, this festival has everything you need to have the time of your life.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now for ILESONIQ 2023 and get ready to party like a rockstar!

9. Bike Fest from May 4 to May 7, 2023

Unknown Image

Photo Credit: Bike Fest From Vélo Québec Voyage

Pedal Your Way to Fun with Bike Fest 2023!

Are you a bike enthusiast? Or just someone who loves to feel the wind in their hair? Either way, you won’t want to miss Bike Fest from May 4 to May 7, 2023! This event is all about celebrating the amazing world of bicycles with a conference, race, film screening, and market.

Saddle Up for Adventure

Bike Fest is the perfect event for anyone who loves to get out and explore on two wheels. Whether you’re a pro cyclist or just starting out, this festival has something for everyone. Get ready to hit the open road and see where your bike takes you!

Race to the Finish Line

If you’re feeling competitive, don’t miss the chance to race against some of the best cyclists around. You’ll have the chance to put your skills to the test and show off your speed and agility. And who knows? You might even win a prize or two!

Screen Your Favorite Films

Take a break from the excitement and relax with some of the best bicycle-themed films around. You’ll be inspired by tales of epic journeys and the incredible feats of endurance that cyclists are capable of. It’s the perfect way to get your gears turning and your heart pumping!

Join the Fun

So what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet and get ready to join the fun at Bike Fest 2023. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

10. Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar

Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar | Tourisme Montréal

Photo Credit: Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar

Spring into Culture with Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar!

Are you tired of the same old routine? Want to spice up your life with some culture? Look no further than the Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar! From museum exhibitions to classical music concerts, Broadway musicals to art and dance, this calendar has it all!

A Cultural Buffet

If you’re a cultural foodie, the Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar is your all-you-can-eat buffet! With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to sample a little bit of everything. Don’t be afraid to go back for seconds (or thirds) – there’s always something new to discover!

A Symphony of Sound

Are you a music lover? Then you won’t want to miss the incredible classical music concerts that are featured in the calendar. The sound of a full orchestra will transport you to another world – one filled with beauty, harmony, and emotion. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself shedding a tear or two (we won’t tell anyone).

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Do you love to move and groove? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the dance events featured in the Montréal Spring Cultural Calendar. From ballet to modern, from jazz to hip hop, there’s a dance style for everyone. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to bust a move!

Join the Fun

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on all the amazing cultural events happening in Montreal this spring. Grab your friends, grab your family, and get ready to have some fun!

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