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By connecting with our boat rental company, you’ll be sailing the seas of excitement and discovering all the amazing marine things and things to do that Montreal has to offer. Don’t just read about the adventures, live them!

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Unleash Your Inner Sailor and Discover the Best Marine Informations and Things to Do in Town!
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Our Lachine location is on Boulevard Gouin East, Montreal, H1E 2A2

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Three Hours in a BBQ Boat equipped with a Grill

280$/2.5 HOURS

Ready to embark on a tasty adventure on the high seas? Well shiver me timbers, have we got the perfect package for you! Whether you’re an experienced seafaring chef or a landlubber just looking to spice things up, our donut boat barbecue grill has got you covered.


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Five Hours of Fun in a BBQ Boat equipped with a Grill

400$/4 HOURS

Whether it can be with friends or between 2 lovebirds, bring your food and come enjoy a beautiful sunset! Be pampered during your ride while savouring the sun and the water. It includes the grill so you only have to bring your food and you’re all set to go.

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Discover Montreal's Hidden Gems by Water

Are you prepared to embark on a voyage and uncover Florida's most well-kept secrets?

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